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Karaoke became widely popular in the early 1990’s here in the United States. Many local establishments began advertising Karaoke Nights offering patrons the opportunity to sing their favorite songs with the backing of a full band and backup singers.


Harmony DJ’s is proud to provide this service as an option for your event which allows all of your guests to be the “Star Of The Show”. We currently offer close to 12,000 selections from various genres for you and your guests to choose from. From the 1950’s to today, you can sing your choice of songs.


When we arrive at your event, we have a monitor screen set up, books on the table to choose your song, and slips to fill out your karaoke request. As we welcome you and your guests up to sing, their names will appear on the screen with the song title. After handing each singer the microphone, we will begin playing the song, then all they have to do is follow the highlighted words on the screen. It’s American Idol made easy!


Talk to one of our party planners to find how to add Karaoke to your event! Simply give us a call at (973) 476-6455 or email tonymart@optonline.net

Karaoke Singers.jpg
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